Client Relationship/Acquisition Director

Golden Wealth Solutions, Inc.
Job Description
Client Relationship/Acquisition Director(CRDA) Expectations:
To provide support to the Financial Advisors for Golden Wealth Solutions, Inc.  These duties will fall within four categories: marketing & projects, client acquisition, social media and administrative and financial planning duties.  The CRDA Director should have the understanding that their position revolves around growth in revenue for Golden Wealth Solutions, Inc. and improving efficiency within the firm.
CRDA duties:
  1. Marketing:  Will assume in the role of coordinating marketing within the firm.  They will assist with marketing projects including Education events, speaking engagements, client appreciation events, networking events and pre-approach. The CRDA will also work on newsletters and other marketing material that will be distributed to existing clients and prospects.
  2. Client Acquisition: The role is to assist with working with the advisors in the overall growth of the firm.  These duties include client review appointments, introduction appointments, and attracting new clients to the firm.  It will also include phone calling and direct contact with current and prospective clients.  Production bonuses will be evaluated on a quarterly basis as to the overall revenue generated by the CRDA will be responsible for developing a tracking system to report to the advisors on a quarterly basis as to the revenue generated by their activities.
  3. Social Media: The CRDA will be required to assist with social media activities.  These include LinkedIn, Internet search engines, and other miscellaneous media activities to brand and grow the firm and website assistance.
  4. Administrative:  Will assist the advisors with the administrative duties to improve the efficiency of the advisors and firm.  The goal is to allow the advisors to spend more time developing client relationships.  These duties will be working with our Client Relationship Manager software, E-Money financial planning software and other programs related to the operation duties of the firm.  CRDA will also help with new business processing for investment and insurance cases, follow up on al outstanding items and correspondence with clients.  Will also work through our Wealth Directions Process with clients, including sending out letters, emails and documents.
The CRDA will also be held accountable for education to improve their knowledge and competency within the organization.  These will include language practice, product knowledge, knowledge of the Wealth Direction Process, knowledge and use of Red Tail, E-Money, Front Point, Futurity Source and other data sources provided to them by the advisor team.  
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