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New to Golden Living - the Monthly Golden Dining Guide!
Micro-target the Community Members who are looking for ways to support our local Restaurants!
96.9 The Cloud & Golden Living magazine are partnering up this December on a monthly Golden Dining Guide!  Cafe 13 and The Buffalo Rose Restaurant are sponsoring the Dining Guide and there are sponsorship opportunities available for four more restaurants!  
A 2 page Dining Guide Spread will be in each monthly issue of Golden Living magazine and 96.9 The Cloud will be featuring three sponsor restaurants each month on air.  Golden Living arrives monthly to the mailboxes of 3200 neighbors in Golden and sponsor advertisements are also seen in geo-targeted digital placements.  96.9 The Cloud has 250,000 listeners.  The Dining Guide spread in Golden Living (see attached mock-up) will feature six restaurant sponsors.  The two 1/4 page horizontal ads along the bottom are taken and the four 1/8th page vertical ads on the sides are available.  The center of the two page spread will have text about any of our Golden area restaurants featuring news and events each month.  Rates below include print sponsorship, geo-targeted digital and monthly ad design for both.  If you'd like one of these four available 1/8th page ads, please contact Golden Living Publisher Meg Smit asap as they will go fast.  The deadline to be in the December issue is October 30th.  720-295-9588 /
1/8th page 36 issue sponsorship - $310 / issue ($0.10 / household)
1/8th page 24 issue sponsorship - $415 / issue ($0.13 / household)
1/8th page 12 issue sponsorship - $485 / issue ($0.15 / household)
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Offer Valid: October 13, 2020October 30, 2020
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